I have had the pleasure of meeting Courtney Bone through a course that we studied together.

 Courtney is an amazing person. She has a beautiful heart. As we spent more time together, I got to know how simple and sincere she really is. Courtney had studied Kinesiology and Reiki. With her calm and gentle nature she would often do balances for me. With sincere energy, she always gave her best to make sure that I was comfortable and that I was balanced correctly. I would often send her a message after a balance to let her know just how wonderful I felt after her balance. She would not believe that she has such healing hands.

Once Courtney did Reiki for me, it was the most beautiful experience! I felt as though I was floating while she used energy for healing in Reiki.

Courtney is a lovely person with so much love and heart to give. She is passionate about her work and I wish her lots of great success in her business going forward.

Thank you Courtney for your balances and for the many hours we spent practising together. I really appreciate it.

Yours sincerely,

Priya Jetha



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